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Company Overview

Growatt Solar Lanka has managed to make an impact in Renewable Energy Industry and energy saving Lighting components in Sri Lanka. Organization is manned with a panel of professional experts, motivated staff and strengthened with pragmatic approaches. Growatt Solar Lanka is providing high-quality and reliable lighting components, professional services through the solutions for solar photo-voltaic and energy saving applications to meet the consistently increasing energy needs.

Growatt Solar Lanka established good customer relationship and obtains enormous support and trust from suppliers of main solar-systems and lighting components in worlds the largest manufacturers in worldwide solar systems and energy solutions. We are being an importer and assembler of renewable energy and energy saving equipment. We are well experienced in selecting reliable and durable components which best suits our climate and customer requirements. Also, we are known in the industry for excellence in designing systems and selecting of perfect products.

We mainly focus on solar on-grid, off-grid, hybrid power generation systems but also solar water heaters, solar mounting systems, solar street lights, solar billboards, LEDs energy saving bulbs and related products. Our products are mainly used in domestic level, Industrial environments, Government departments, hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings.

Growatt Solar Lanka is a one of current foremost institutions providing solutions for the current energy problem in country and contributing to conservation of the environment by minimizing emission of Carbone Dioxide. Our amicable team and Customer-oriented program of the company always ready to make the customer comfortable by giving favorable and satisfactory service

Our Vision

We are resolved to consistently respond to new technology developments to make lighting more effective, efficient, cost-effective, and environment friendly.

Our Mission

We enable individuals and organizations to be part of creating a sustainable world. Our products and services help to conserve energy, to use energy efficiently, and minimize energy waist. We seek to inspire, educate, and assist our customers in achieving their goals of cost benefits, energy independence, and environmental stewardship.

In 2020, be the 50% contributor of production of solar energy in Sri Lanka and do the best for country and the nature…

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